Dear Derrick,

Was so inspired by your story, you are “amazing”! You make the crazy world we live in “GRAND”! So very proud of you and what you are doing and living! Bless you every day!

From a “Jersey Girl” with tremendous respect and gratitude!
Love, Mimi

Mr. Walton,

Hi! Saw you on Ellen Today and was so moved by all you’ve done at the pizza place you run.You seem like such a nice, caring fellow with a big heart. Talented too.I’m on a fixed income and I’m sure you know what that means, but I wanted to give a little something to help outon one of your “Monday Nights” where you do so much for others. Thank you for all you and everyone there does. Again, thank you.


Dear Mr. Walton,

We learned about your work feeding those less fortunate on the Ellen show. Just want to say “thank you” for giving to your community in such an amazing way. You’re a hero! Thank you.

Nicole N (and the HuTerra Team)

Hey Derrick –

I saw you on Ellen’s show (a couple of times) and want to support your compassionate effort to feed homeless. The world needs more people like you & your supportive family AND Ellen.

Ellen’s show is the only daytime show that I record while I’m at work. Watching her show as soon as I get home from work puts me in a good mood until I see her again!

Take care.
Greg R.

Dear Derrick,

Thank you for your helping and supporting your community. My grandmother wanted the money that we would spend on her for her birthday to be donated. After seeing you on the Ellen show I knew that she would love to support you. At one time she owned her own restaurant, and she has helped donate food to homeless shelters throughout her life. Please keep doing what you are doing. Thank you!

Tiffanie S. (on behalf of Rose P)

I saw you on the Ellen show today and wish I could send more. You and your family will be blessed for all you are doing.

Thank you,